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Clémence graduated from IPSICA in 2006 and began her career with the L'Oréal Luxe group as a Fragrance development manager. She took care of the skin care, make-up and perfume development for Lancôme and Armani, her unique expertise then brought her to the fine fragrance olfactory department of YSL. Clémence’s olfactory know-how hails from India to Japan and Middle East as she has trained to study and decode the perfumes of those countries, their tastes and traditions. Her openness to the world and her global spirit are important traits that define her personality and way of being.


In 2012, she started her own business as a freelance consultant for renowned champagne houses, big hotels, perfume groups and niche perfumery brands, fashion shows and boutiques such as Molly and Règne fils in Geneva among others, as well as cultural places like the Grand Palais or the Palermo Opera. Connected to nature and science Clemence is a multi-sensory artist passionate about classical music, aesthetic, gastronomy, and scientific innovations. She draws part of her inspiration from those subtle creative universes and intuitive and spiritual domains such as the subconscious. 

Clemence has a deeply personal approach with her clients, and she is able to understand their needs with an empathic ease. She follows a fluid creative process, that usually starts with blurred ideas that take shape when she gets in contacts with the raw materials that will lead to the final product. 


"I like the intimate dimension of perfumery, its ephemeral presence on the skin or inside place, I like those delicate yet powerful qualities that allow perfumes to deliver a strong message, at times even changing the way we feel…”

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