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Antoine Lie is one of the most charismatic faces in contemporary perfumery.

A man of character with a very direct, daring and deep olfactory signature, he is known for his unconventional and memorable creations.

With a hint of provocation, Antoine Lie has always challenged his vision of perfume design. Never giving up on creativity, he has debated the limitations of industrial perfumery at the end of the 90’s due to his 30 years of experience in major perfume houses like Givaudan, IFF and Tagasako.

His works go from commercial successes such as Armani Code, Ralph Lauren’s Romance for Men, and Versace’s Cristal Noir, to punk or avant-garde perfumes like Etat Libre d’Orange and Comme des Garçons. They all have in common that you cannot forget them.


In 2018 Antoine Lie leaves large perfume houses for good to become an independent perfumer.

He is today investing his energy into innovative projects and new olfactory territories, building unique relationships for exceptional perfumes and thinking ahead with a new environmental and ethical dimension to his work.

For that matter he has chosen excellent partners allowing a new palette of unique raw materials. The Jamal Rose he made for Les Indémodables is a beautiful example.

Collaborating with Antoine Lie means working with a contemporary signature while ensuring a high level perfume design.

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