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Grace is the first agency to represent «noses», creative perfume makers.


The idea and main objective is to showcase perfumers’ creativity and expertise in all possible ways.

Our agency helps perfume, fashion, cosmetic brands, hospitality groups, event producers and private clients select the right olfactory designer for their perfume, cosmetics, candle, or any olfactory concept and scenography.

Grace can also produce the final product perfumes.

We also offer any existing brand support in launching their perfumery project by delivering tailor-made signature scents and if required also art direction that can include concept, name, branding, packaging or even communication strategy and launching.

Grace was born out of an idea of its founder Stéphanie Vignes, director of an event production company and passionate about perfumery. 

In 2019 Salomé Jouan, an artist agent specialized in the luxury industry joins her.

We put our in-depth experience of luxury, beauty and fashion brands and our solid implication in contemporary culture (art, pop, music, travel, lifestyle) at the service or our creative perfumers and clients.

Stephanie Vines

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