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Wisely graduated from ISIPCA and a Master's degree in Luxury Management and Marketing, Karine

learned the chic and rebellious perfumery from perfumer Mark Buxton.

Her free minded spirit but yet cartesian led her to create her own company, Olfactive Design, in 2005 and to become one of the first independent perfumers after being welcomed by Michel Roudnitska into

the prestigious Art et Parfum pool.

Pioneer, Karine is today one of the most recognized independent perfumers of her generation.

She signed among others several of the Gallivant Perfumes' collection, she participated in the new impetus of D'orsay perfume from wich she signed 2 of their best sellers, at ease on all the supports she created candles for Carrière Frères or L'artisan parfumeur.

Her independence, her creativity and her sensitivity allow her to participate in projects outside the traditional perfumery which allows her to explore creative synergies

with other artists

She started by perfuming a fashion show of the brand Impasse de la Défense in 1998! later she created

the smell of the restitution of the Chauvet cave, then collaborated with Enki Bilal for the Arts et

Métiers museum as well as the artist Natalia Brilli during an exhibition in Brussels. Always offbeat and

innovative, she even perfumed a political meeting.

Passionate about her profession, she decided to pass it on by teaching perfume creation for 5 years

at the École Supérieure du Parfum. Committed, she fights for the specificity of her profession within

the Société Internationale des Parfumeurs Créateurs (ISPC).

For Karine, Creative Dialogue is an olfactory literature that she writes starting from the story the brand wants to count to its customers. She consider herself a bit like a public writer : you have a story, she has a technique, an expertise, a memory of the history of perfumery, all of which will allow her to put your desire into smell. It is through this sharing, this empathetic dialogue that we create beautiful perfumes, beautiful adventures.

Credits: Jules Dinand

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