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As a graduate from ISIPCA, Aglaé began her career by participating in the launch of Cacharel’s Eau d’Eden for L’Oréal whereafter she integrated the creative teams of the Artisan Parfumeur, where she developed her sensitivity to perfume. She then joined the composition houses at DROM Fragrances, where she held several positions internationally in New York, Munich, and Paris as Creative and International Marketing Director. She participated in the creation of Guerlain’s La Petite Robe Noire, Yves Rocher’s Flower Party, as well as directed the creation of The MerchantOfVenice and Evody. . .

In 2016, Aglaé opted for independence and created L’Atelier de Mademoiselle, a luxury olfactory design agency that offers tailor-made expertise. By creating her fragrances, Aglaé integrates an ethical and responsible approach to preserve the best of man and his environment.

Alongside of being a perfumer, she teaches a certain vision of luxury and sensibility in her MBA, participates in charity operations, hosts a radio show in a hospital, and also takes the time to talk to her many plants. Her motto of never giving up without trying everything and her FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) encourage her to undertake even more varied artistic collaborations, like with the artistic duo Pierre et Gilles, La Maison du Chocolat or the restaurant Le Nomos ran by chef Guillaume Sanchez.

Fascinated by science, nature, art and draught horses, Aglaé is full of curiosity, humor and energy, which reflect her creations.

In her choice of raw materials, we can find ingredients that are good for one’s well-being, values such as respect and surprise (the castoreum is her favorite material), and all the richness that natural and synthetic have to offer. This meticulous choice of raw materials gives Aglaé an olfactory signature that is dynamic, voluble, elegant and galvanizing at once. 

Collaborating with Aglaé is the certainty of enjoying a generous, daring creative dialogue with an artist whose expertise and personality make you want to go further.

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