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Christophe Laudamiel is a nerd of perfumery. Always involved in some new ingredient extraction, some unusual or sexy creations or some scientific experiments showing how fascinating the sense of smell really is.


He has created planetary successes for Tom Ford, Ralph Lauren, Abercrombie & Fitch, Clinique or the House of Mugler. His fine fragrances for boutique brands such as Strangelove NYC, Richmess or The Zoo NYC are known to titillate your nostrils with unusual trails. His scents are entered officially in collections at Harvard University, International Perfume Museum in Grasse or the Art Museum in Cleveland and are shown in prestigious venues from Guggenheims to World Economic Forums in Davos. His artistic creations be it for Beyoncé, David Bowie, Heston Blumenthal, Helena Christensen, Kate Moss, BélAir Lab Tokyo, mianki Gallerie Berlin or the Tibetan Rubin Museum in New York make you revisit yourself.

He had to custom-build himself or directly with engineers half of the 35+ technologies he has used to play refined scents in the air at events, galleries or in retail and hotels worldwide.


Working with Christophe is to advocate for transparency and quality, for fragrance copyrights and for a code of ethics that he had to create provoking now a wave in the profession.


His Creative Dialogue stems from the direct communication between creative minds. Only can teams of expert in their fields produce great projects respectful of all players, of all ingredients and exciting to the public.

He likes to transport your mind where you have not been.

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