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Michael Nordstrand is an independent perfumer, teacher and multidisciplinary artist based in the New York Metro Area. He holds degrees and certifications in Perfume Creation from Givaudan, ISIPCA, and The Grasse Institute of Perfumery as well as a certification in Medicinal Plants from Cornell University, where his focus was on aromatic plants popularised during the Middle Ages.

Michael has worked with brands like Jo Malone, Tom Ford, and others that are forthcoming, including his own brand, Mythologist.

A self-described ‘method perfumer’, Michael always endeavours to inhabit the world of the client’s brief to fully understand the project and explore it from new angles; the creative dialogue opened between the perfumer and the client is therefore essential to his process.

His unique methodology is informed by boundless curiosity and a love of history, science & the arts. With a deep respect for raw materials and the stories they can tell, he approaches each project with an inquisitive and open mind, applying his knowledge to solve problems creatively and produce elegant solutions that satisfy client expectations.

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