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An Italian perfumer with a rich and varied background, Luca grew up in the family business where he discovered and lived through the Belle Parfumerie explosion of the 1990s. A true icon of style and luxury in the world. After studying economics, he studied perfumery at the Roure school in Grasse, from which he graduated in 2010.

He dreams of working with a major fashion house and finds his inspiration in the taste, elegance and history of Italy. He has the ability to interpret the "Bello", a heritage of the Greco-Roman culture and is also inspired by the uniqueness of the Italian landscape.

Luca Maffei founded Atelier Fragranze Milano with his father in 2011, inspired by the great houses of composition, and adapts it to the present day, experiencing a more human, more agile and highly efficient perfumery.  This "tool" allows him to create without artistic or organic compromises.  He has created over  100 fragrances for mass and niche brands such as Perris MontercaloHistoire des Parfums and Aedes des venustas. Some of his creations: Black Pepper & Sandalwood by Acca Kappa and Nea by JUL AND MAD Paris, won the Independent category at the 2015 and 2016 Art and Olfaction Awards in Los Angeles. Passionate about fashion and lifestyle , he has signed several fragrances for Jacques Fath or Salvatore Ferragamo and Trussardi.

In a creative and efficient tandem with Antoine Lie, they share the same vision of transparent and lively perfumery. They also share a similar creative process that allows them to translate customer desires into fragrances and cultivate close collaboration.


For Luca, the Creative Dialogue is interpreting a new story every day, listening to the customer's request carefully to immerse themselves in their vision of perfumery and tell a true story. He likes to see creative dialogue as the exchange between the director and the actor before a take.

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