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Committing ourselves to enhancing the aura and respect for the artistic work of perfumers.

Offering them a new style of partnership guided by a clear decision of putting them at the center of the creation.

Surrounding them with essential information to feed their inspiration:

  • a perfect understanding of the client, its brands and products

  • trend books: art, cultural, musical, food, design and fashion references.

Accompanying our clients in their project from the choice of perfumer - who will create the best fragrance for them, to the producer who will make the best possible concentrate in Grasse.

Offering way beyond traditional commercial representation,  more like a tailor-made partnership, a bespoke service which enhances everyone’s experience while respecting budgets, delays and technical and legal constraints.



GRACE offers a new 360° approach for clients of niche perfumery.


From juice to bottle, name, packaging or launching strategy, GRACE offers a strategic and operational service fed by the professional and personal experiences of its founders. The agency has the expertise in the luxury, fashion, beauty, music and events communication and has a completely bespoke and tailor-made attitude.

Depending on your project GRACE will put together a team of experts dedicated to the development of your brand thanks to our large network of creatives: AD, graphic designer, webdesigner, PR.



After having validated the final scent, GRACE in collaboration with the perfumer's privileged partner takes care of the manufacture of the perfume concentrate, which will perfectly match the lab sample. GRACE will also issue all the necessary technical and regulatory documents.


For the product development part, we work with Anna Zini Fragrance ( During this operational phase, we manage the coordination and production of the products.


2 distinct phases:

• Product study and definition

Based on your specifications, we design and develop your range of tailor-made products (components, packaging, formulas, estimated price, deadlines).

• Development and Production:

Coordination of the different stages of development and production of formulas/products.

• Management of the regulatory phase: cosmetic file and product registration in France and abroad.




We believe in olfactory branding which allows storytelling in a different, innovative and daring way.

GRACE offers its expertise to brands who wish to create an emotional and olfactory space for an event or a specific publicity operation (product launch, PR etc).

The end goal being: a unique brand territory, totally relevant and unforgettable.

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