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To become a perfumer, several qualities are quickly required.

On the one hand, you must have a certain creative sense, and in parallel, a certain ease with chemistry in order to have the technical mastery required in the perfumer's profession. 

At a very young age, Delphine developed an interest in perfumes and a passion for everything related to the sense of smell. Her insatiable curiosity and determination naturally led her to study chemistry at the University of Bordeaux and then at ISIPCA in Versailles, from which she graduated in 2009.

It is at Symrise that Delphine will learn and perfect her craft alongside the "great and famous master perfumer" Maurice Roucel (Lancome, Guerlain etc....)

For six years, she learns from her mentor the complexity of the profession, immerses her nose in scents, analyses raw materials, combines essences, educates her memory. To extend her expertise, she also enriches her range of expressions and integrates the vocabulary of creators.

Maurice Roucel is only too eager to recommend her, keeping an excellent memory of his "perfumer pupil" with whom he said he was in osmosis: "Delphine is a passionate, professional woman with a great capacity for work". As Maurice Roucel likes to say, "perfumery is not only inspiration but also perspiration". 

An inquisitive and generous eye, always favouring human contact, dialogue and co-creation as an obvious guarantee of a unique and unequivocal creation for each of her clients.

Originally from Bordeaux, Delphine, who also cultivates a genuine interest in wine, decided to "test" her olfactory knowledge in oenology. Thus, in 2014, she joined the Bordeaux Institute of Vine and Wine Sciences (ISVV) and obtained the Diploma of Aptitude for Tasting (DUAD). Then in 2016, she completed her training with a Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET). 

The meeting of the two worlds, perfume and wine, was an obvious choice. In 2016, Delphine became an independent perfumer and set up her perfume creation laboratory in Bordeaux. A place where wine and perfume can meet and share the same emotional register...

She collaborates with the great and famous chateaux of the Bordeaux vineyards, creates perfumes for babies and creates the range of a new brand of perfume with new materials. Delphine is also known for her olfactory identities in hotel groups... a transversality without regard but always skilfully mastered.

Naturally, she has chosen to work with the AFDM (, a unique perfumery laboratory founded by Rémi Pulverail, which gives our perfumers access to an exceptional palette of ingredients, most of which are available in limited quantities and come from selected and rare regions. 

An exclusive and intuitive approach that makes Delphine an outstanding perfumer.

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