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Born in France is 1991, Eleonore dreams of being a perfumer since she was 10 years old. Her parents advise she goes to business school instead. She complies but keeps looking for ways to get closer to the perfume industry: from internships in perfume retail to management at the biggest recruitment agency in perfumery and to marketing at Dior.

Totally determined she smells obsessively hundreds of perfumes, observes and listens to the end user and never stops learning.

In the end, inspired by her grand-mother Françoise de Staël, a subversive model of the 50’s, she convinces every one of her calling and joins the Grasse Institute of Perfumery in 2015.

She leaves school top of her class and starts making fragrances at the maison Edmond Roundnitska, learns alongside Bertrand Duchaufour, and joins the creative lab for Jean Patou in 2016.

In 2017 she wins the Corpo 35 award with Indigo, and becomes one of the youngest independent noses. 

Eléonore creates 100% natural perfumes following an ethical practise of perfume making, as being aligned with nature is adamant to her.

She designs workshops around the olfactory experience mixing wholeness, meditation and spirituality.

Eleonore  creates perfumes while listening to music, and adores french artist Mathieu Chedid and his Labo2M.

She is also the author of a beautiful book called « Indigo Nose » a dreamy tale about the olfactory experience.

Incredibly talented, we love her unusual life journey which gives her a uniqueness and charm and makes her one of the most talented noses of her generation.

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